Q. How long does it take to install a skylight?
A. A standard sklylight installation, without any complications, takes about 2 hours. Factors such as difficult roofs, multiple skylights, electrical wiring can increase the installation time.

Q. Will installing a skylight result in any heat loss or gain?
A. A properly designed skylight will not cause any significant increase or decrease of heat.

Q. Will the skylight leak?
A. A properly designed and installed skylight will never leak.

Q. Can i install the skylight myself?
A. Some of our products are available in a kit form which can be easily installed following the instructions.

Q. What is the difference between round and square skylights?
A. Certain situations will call for specific shapes of skylights but a square skylight of the same diameter as a round skylights will let in significantly more light. Square skylights spread the light more evenly also.

Q. How does a skylight work?
A. The dome which sits on the roof captures the natural light which is then funneled down a reflective shaft and then spread evenly by a diffuser panel in the roof.

Q. What sized skylight will i need?
A. The size of the skylight needed will depend upon the size of the room and the distance between the roof and the ceiling. As a general rule though, the bigger the skylight the brighter it will be.

Q. Will a skylight save energy?
A. Installing a skylight will provide a source of free natural light that will reduce the need to use electric lights.

Q. Will a skylight increase the value of my house?
A. Skylights can increase the value of your house by reducing electricity consumption and improving light levels. Installing a heritage range skylight can add a grace and charm or even become feature of the house.